Louis Cross has been writing songs for over seven years, and his professionalism and passion are proven in “Better Light” with its well-written, touching, expressive lyrics. Cross used to use a wheelchair, and he drew inspiration from this time of his life and how it still affects him now, as well as the way he looks at the entire experience positively and recaches a mindset where he thinks of a brighter, better tomorrow. The lyrics are bravely personal, and touching the core, especially to those who would find it relevant in any way and feels how cross is speaking for them. The chorus sends highly sunny, upbeat vibes and delivers a hopeful message: “Count the tears washed away, look for a better day, say a prayer in the night, look for a better light.”

The gifted Louis Cross collaborated with Tom Welsh (bass), Simon Gibson (lead guitar), and Ageliki Georga (backing vocals) to create this indie pop, endearing piece. The song starts off with gentle acoustic guitar chords, and then the rest of the instruments join in. The musical combination is superb and gives the single the desired bright, delightful vibes. The vocals are tender, soulful, and have an optimistic tone, but it felt a little nervous or not relaxed enough with hitting high notes, which seem to need a lot of time working on with Cross potential.

Overall, the song has an emotive message that gives a push through hard times. Cross is a rising talent who uses what he’s got to be a voice for those who need it, and with some investing in the skills he has, he’ll become a well-known name among musicians.


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