The battery lying within every one of us, a smartphone is what you’re resonating with. An everyday contest is controlling your mindset and keeping you awake. It’s what moves you in the first place, moved by the societal contest of which class you linger. A contest at work and who bosses whom, turning away craving social media channels searching for the best caption to acquire fake laughs, and the most drying eyes could give you lying tears. Always a contester for what’s better and what’s more, having no self-reflector to your beliefs.

The Milwaukee alternative rock band “The Pulltops” release a single “Better Life” from their new EP titled “Between The Lines” emphasizing the concept of racing behind the wheels of happiness and the ultimate search for self-satisfaction and peace of mind but at the same time you are faced by the fierce enemies of the current modern life.

Better Life” begins with a post-modern soft theme accompanied by electro drums and retro disco style combined altogether to embrace the overall concept of the track. Adding a bit of heat with the chorus multiplied the track’s quality and beauty x10 times.

Searching for a “Better Life” requires the self-belief of accomplishing such life, aside from the life we aspire for, there are tracks to enjoy to make life a better place.