Purchasing your first viola can be intimidating. With a lot of brands to choose from, it can be tough which viola offers the best sound quality at a cost-effective price. You may have looked from almost all websites, but yet still find yourself troubled on which brand of viola should you invest in.

To ease some of your worries, here are some of the best viola brands this 2019 based on their current market demand:

Cecilio, in the industry of viola brands, is one of the well-recognized lines of the viola as it has the complete beginner’s kit and produces good sound quality at an affordable price.

At a reasonable price, you can get yourself a viola made of tonewoods, prelude strings and is MENC certified (Music Educators National Conference) which only means that the viola under this brand is crafted for ease of learning and adapting to the instrument.

One of the finest violas available in the market, the D’Luca has a strong ebony-made fingerboard, bow made of brazilwood and horse-made bow hair. The violas from this brand produce deep yet soft sound, making it a classy yet cost-effective viola brand available.

Another favourite by most violists, the D Z Strad violas also have a superb sound quality and even includes bow and viola case upon purchase.

Fiddlerman offers violas at a reasonable price without compromising the instrument’s quality. Each viola was carefully made with high-quality materials that can last even until 10 years. They offer beginner up to advanced violas depending on your skills.

Popular brand in the Amazon, Mendini should be perfect for those who are on a budget but are still eager to learn how to play the viola. Lightweight and handmade, the purchase of viola with the brand comes with a bow, rosin and bridge, and warranty for any identified defects.

As the most affordable brand of viola, it’s recommended for those who are keen to learn the instrument but haven’t yet decided if they’d like to pursue a career or hobby out of it. However, despite its cheap pricing, the brand offers hardwood fingerboards and comes with an extra set of strings, bridge, shoulder rest, case, stand, and rosin upon purchase.

Ideal for beginners and intermediate players, the Primavera provides its consumers with quality specifications – from excellent tone words, handmade maple and spruce, to the fingerboard, pegs, and fittings made of ebony with the inclusion of sturdy bow perfect for those who are still practising holding a bow properly.

Also considered a perfect brand for beginners in viola, numerous instructors recommend the brand as it is made of strong woods, has ebony fingerboard, and comes with a case, bow, and rosin upon purchase – a total package for someone keen to learn the instrument.

Yamaha has always been trusted for superior instruments that you can purchase at affordable prices. The handmade violas of Yamaha made it to the list of top favourite brands in the market. Upon purchase, you’ll get a viola, bow made of brazilwood, and rosin.

If you are still having second thoughts on which brand of viola will meet your needs and expectations, you may ask your instructor or someone you know that plays the viola for quite some time which brand they’d prefer especially if just starting out.

Written by Alyzza Vizmanos.