I know that many would disagree with my choices. Anyhow, my point isn’t to prove that they are the best because each has their own flavor and mood. But at least we won’t disagree about these…

1. Death – Voice of the Soul

When I first heard it on The Sound of Perseverance I was like how come?! They’re one of the best extreme metal bands to do such an instrumental masterpiece. When you listen to this, you will find out that you are in a different state of mind like mine.


2. Sentenced – Mourn
I really hope for this band to come back on stage once again! Sentenced fans will know how this band had many line-up changes as well as changes in their musical style. Believe me when I tell you, that the first time to listen to Mourn from Frozen, it got me to tears!


3. Savatage – Mozart and Madness
The almighty Savatage! I know many would disagree regarding the choice of Mozart and Madness and you may have other choices for the band. But really the orchestral/symphonic elements with the heavy metal soloing and riffs is – to me – the best in their whole discography, or more likely, I could say it’s more close to the concept of Dead Winter Dead album.


4. Michael Angelo Batio – No Boundaries/Speed Kills
I believe that Batio opened a new guitar school by his hit, ‘No Boundaries’. We were all like “What the hell?!” However, when we saw his way of playing the rhythm part of this great tune, he wasn’t only showing off, but also he made a very speedy melodic tune. Some say because of his early jazz years, he became a guitar master, and maybe it was proven, because he is still playing with his favorite pick Dunlop Jazz IIIs.


5. Van Halen – Eruption
Eddie Van Halen isn’t like any other rock star! It’s true when I tell you that ‘Eruption’ became the school of guitar tapping. Although, there are many great musicians known with this technique like Ritchie Blackmore and Duane Allman but NME considered ‘Eruption’ as one of the 50 greatest guitar solos of all time! Don’t you agree?!


6. Iron Maiden – Transylvania
It was a big challenge for the band to release an instrumental in their debut, but hell yea, it’s damn awesome. Maiden got few instrumentals, and each has its own flavor. Frankly, I consider The Number of the Beast one of my favorites for the band, but I fell in love Transylvania’s structure from the first time I heard it.


7. Stratovarius – Stratofortress
Those melodic powerful tunes drives me crazy! From my point of view, Stratovarius is one of the most underrated bands of all time. Timo Tolkki is a master of speed, melody, technique and sense. Frankly, I was scarred for life that he quit the band.


8. Timo Tolkki – Lord Of The Rings
Again with the master! The change from a simple intro to a Phrygian mode with oriental flavors, unexpectedly leads to perfection! Ah, did I tell you that he played every line except the bass and the keys! Solos, ohhh, cannot be explained, just listen to it and you will get what I mean..


9. Warmen – The Evil That Warmen Do
For those of you who don’t know Warmen, it was formed by Janne Viljami Wirman the keyboardist of the melodic metal band, Children of Bodom. Warmen is one of the bands that you’d hardly find an unlikable tracks. They’re based on instrumental work, but they also have some guest vocalists like; Timo Kotipel of Stratovarius, Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom and Pasi Rantanen of Thunderstone.

10. Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick
Because they are Led Zeppelin! They have a wide variety of great instrumentals, but I preferred to choose ‘Moby Dick’ in particular. The song is one of the band early tunes and some rock historians considered it as one of the gates to hard rock.

Don’t you agree with my list? I believe you will find your choices with the upcoming volumes. And there’s more to come.

Edited by: NJ Bakr.