Many people don’t know what the bridge in a song structure is. A song structure its main elements are introduction, verse and a chorus. Middle 8 – or a bridge – usually has different melody and rhythm from the rest of the song. Anyone can recognize it easily because it has a different rhythmic, beat, or melodic style within the same song that you’re listening to. However, it’s not just a another part added but it also can be the conclusion of the song lyrics or the message that the artist tries to deliver. Here are my favorite Metal Bridges…

One by Metallica 

Most of metal music fans can recognize this part in One by Metallica. It’s really catchy and unique with the lyrics too, simply you find yourself jumping over the chair and head-banging!

I Am by Savatage 

I can say this is the best music bridge in rock/metal music. The song itself starts with a very catchy riff as its main melody, which Jon Oliva (vocalist) following it smoothly – believe me; it’s kind of hard to sing. When it comes to the bridge, the music totally changes and he starts to express that through the lyrics in such a marvelous way. Anyhow; no one can deny that Savatage did a real development in progressive metal and opera rock music genres.

Painkiller by Judas Priest 

“He is the Painkiller, This is the Painkiller” Don’t tell me that you are a metalhead and this song doesn’t bang your head automatically. Well, it’s Judas Priest…So I guess I do not have much to say!

Horrorscope by Overkill 

I guess this band’s popularity doesn’t exceed America and Europe. But Overkill is one of the bands that are really difficult to play too- playing offbeat, hard rhythmic riffs and solos! Horrorscope’s my favorite, one of the few songs that I see the whole band playing in a different direction, but they all meet along the way eventually… Listen to it, you going to find that!

Mr Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne

It was a good choice from Ozzy to start his own band after all, with the legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads (RIP). In this song the bridge was obvious at the end, that’s why some critics consider it more as song outro. Well, it was very smart from Ozzy and Rhoads indeed.

Hurricane 2000 by Scorpions

Moment of Glory is already one of the best orchestral-rock albums. And many people who are not even rock/metal fans appreciate Scoprions. To be frank, I didn’t recognize the bridge in their original Rock You Like A Hurricane, but when it came with the orchestra I guess the arrangement helped a lot!

Roots Bloody Roots by Sepultura

A lot of people cannot imagine that band without Max. I was feeling the music and vocal-lines are synchronized – or made to be together. If you want to go thrashier and know where the bridge is. Here’s Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Roots…

T.N.T by AC/DC

The song that played in mainstream films more than in music festivals! TNT is the song that makes you keep singing it even when it’s finish. The band here preferred to deliver the bridge after the rockin’ solobacked by vocals saying “oi, oi, oi”. Then music changes based on the main riff for closing the song.

The Book of Heavy Metal by Dream Evil

Yes, Dream Evil. You thought all of them would be vintage! No, there are cool new bands too, and believe me most of them are Swedish! The question here is; could there be two bridges?! I really do not know, after the second chorus the brutal voiceover joins with:

“some twenty years ago,
the gods put down their feet.
So far in to the ground
that the man of sword ‘nor ended.
Could never change your rules upon which
the very fundament of metal was made!”

And then the solo, and then goes again with back vocals and the main vocal for a different one, which is really confusing, but damn rockin’!