“Behind the 8 Ball” is a very unique track. If there’s a 1-10 coolness meter for rock songs, then this one is easily a 9. It’s a blend of unusual sounds and genres, bringing ramshackle energy to the listeners who wouldn’t hesitate to bang their heads or ram their fingers to the rhythm. The slight crossover between the horn section -of trumpets, saxophones, and trombones- and the rapid hip hop sound make “Behind the 8 Ball” a carnage, a joyride where only the cool kids are allowed in. With inspiration ranging from System of a Down and Muse to Rage Against the Machine, “Behind the 8 Ball” still manages to sustain its flair to appeal to mass crowds in the rock festivals circuit. This track is meant to shine and allure, bringing in hardcore rock fans and Gen Zers -a tough crowd- alike.
Although it started as a lockdown passion project like so many before it, Big Band of Boom has cemented its way in the rock’n’roll walk of fame.

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Jaylan Salah