We have all been there before, that moment where you heard a song or lived a moment that you didn’t know would mark you forever, and that you will look back too in the future, reminiscing the feelings that it evoked and realising newfound emotions.

“Been Here Before” is a compilation and a melancholic journey of almost 40 minutes, 10 songs with timeless lyrics about the ups and downs of life, accompanied by resonant melodies to keep you shaking your head.

“’Been Here Before’ is a throwback to the sounds of the 90s but with a modern, innovative edge to it.” –Cellos.

Maybe it is because of the title, but our personal favourite is the last track of the album, called “Put It On Me Tab, Mate”. The album’s acoustic, mellow and romantic song, with relatable lyrics dedicated to those moments when life has been so tough late that you just accept it and throw it to the back of your mind for later.

The album’s composition is overall upbeat and addictive, somehow transporting us to a pre-COVID, pre-war, pre-worries world where for a moment, everything is alright, and the world is full of opportunities and light.

We thank the Durham, UK-based band Cellos for this epic Alt-Rock/ Indie expedition through their exceptional work.