Ubiquity Machine is one of the most artistic and courageous bands I’ve heard in a while…they literally explore and experiment like no other artist…and the results of these experiments are top-notch, catchy and beautiful songs…and now, they’ve released their new single “Beautiful Girl”

When I first listened to Ubiquity Machine’s “Beautiful Girl” I got Steely Dan goosebumps and a Gorillaz itch…Ubiquity Machine is absolutely on fire.

They’re based in DC, USA and from there they are connecting with audiences from all over the world…their unique musical blends are ear-catching and soul haunting, they’re subtle and spicy.

Ubiquity Machine Is Dan Marsh (the Rabbit) and Howard Rabach…and between these two amazing artists they have more than 10 years of collaboration and more than 100 songs…

Their latest single “Beautiful Girl” is a smooth dark indie rock song, with a very iconic intro that is painted perfectly with the drums and bass…then the catchy vocal melody, you’re instantly hooked.

The guitar sounds add the much-needed spices…and the piano enriches the whole experience…everything works together extremely well…and the song’s structure gives the space to keep everything balanced.

Ubiquity Machine has several songs available on all streaming platforms and you gotta check them out…their unique character cannot be found anywhere else and that’s what makes them a must-check out.

Ubiquity Machine, you guys rock and you’re one of a kind.

We wish you all the best in life and can’t wait to listen to what you have next lined up.