Beau James Wilding hails from the south-central coast of California, writing music fueled by a deep emotional connection to music, deepened since a disease left him “legally blind” at the age of eighteen on a backpacking trip through Europe. By writing music, Beau turns inward, challenging himself and his introspection, and using it as an opportunity for discovery. Since his debut over a decade ago, Beau has released three albums, Violet of the Pacific, The Amor Fati of Crazy Cloud and seeing I god.

Most recently, Beau has treated fans to the new single ‘Here There Be Dragons’. Recorded at Castaway 7 Studios in Ventura, California the track brings plenty of the artist’s signature rough and raspy vocals, performing his well-penned lyricism with a passionate energy. Beneath him, the roar of distorted guitar and overdriven hums builds a sense of atmosphere around a fast-paced acoustic guitar and raw lead electric melody. When not delivering his organic vocals, Beau dives into an energetic harmonica solo, breaking up the constant forward motion of the music with a showcase of impressive musicianship.

Beau reflects on the story behind the release, sharing, ”I wrote “Here There Be Dragons” at a very low point in my life. I wanted to write something to pick myself up off of the ground. I wanted to write something that reminded me I could fly. And ultimately, if I can remind myself I can fly, if I can choose to have hope, then maybe other people might be inspired to feel that as well. It’s a reminder to stay the course on your own path, to avoid getting seduced by the devils or the angels. Hence the lyric “Get back Satan, I’m tired of your lies. Get back angels too with your crucifix disguise…” I don’t necessarily believe in an ultimate good, with the exception possibly of a genuine interest in the well being of others. Nor do I believe in running from supposed evil. I believe in finding, carving out or even hacking away at your own path, continually discovering yourself, your bliss, your flow and your relationship to the universe.”

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