Jeremy Varner

When Instrumental brilliance exceeds vocal expressions and fine tunes become the mother tongue of people, musicians would become the masters of the universe.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio -the current New Yorker- Alec Berlin release his latest instrumental rocking, ice-melting ballad titled “Beat Confabulator”.

Beat Confabulator” is a dancing rhythmic track that moves you round and around in a free circular body flow that spins around along with the multi-genre track.

Beginning with an ambiguous guitar lick acquainted by a Jazzy intro drumming, until the main riff starts to play and suddenly you feel some power has been transferred to your body as if Pink Floyd were jamming in 2023.

The track is funky in vibe, but at the same time feels defiant in an ambiguous rebellious simple sound of guitars that shift around from clean to distortion and from riffs to solos.

Alec Berlin wrote the track perfectly in order to make it guitar sufficient as it didn’t miss any human vocal lines, and was adequate with the instruments introduced and especially the guitar that did all the talking. 

Beat Confabulator” is a rocking party ballad that is having a touch of pop and vibes like an HBO intro theme track for a 90’s TV show. 

Stay tuned for the upcoming gigs and releases by Berlin.