Retro-tinged pop, impassioned singing, words with meanings, and an eclectic mix that keeps it all together with light drums and richly modulated guitars. On paper, Martyn Scott’s latest single ‘Bearable Through Love’ is a surefire winner.

Born and brought up in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, Martyn Scott is a singer and songwriter with a fresh sound, inspired by greats from past decades. Targeting audiences that enjoy things from The Beatles, to Oasis, to Steely Dan, Scott lands in land that can be described as light-hearted pop with whimsical leanings towards indie. 

‘Bearable Through Love’ starts with a warm, rotary electric guitar riff that sticks easily out in a beautiful display of what using left-field tones on the guitar can do to create an alien soundscape. Heightened by the lightly mixed drums and Scott’s passionate and high-pitched vocals, ‘Bearable Through Love’ becomes a gentle cacophony of carefully calculated words and sounds. 

With tasteful harmonies and an easy-to-follow composition, ‘Bearable Through Love’ is a piece of retro pop that flies directly to the heart. An impressive affair from the multi-instrumentalist Martyn Scott who wrote and recorded every instrument on the song, the song’s philosophical lyrics are eye-opening as they are sweet. All in all, ‘Bearable Through Love’ is a surefire winner, both on paper and in reality.