NXCK, based in Dallas, has just released their third single “Be Mine”, which effortlessly captivates with its raw, nostalgic blend of powerful garage and punk vibes. Let me tell you why below.

With a strong influence from Green Day and Blink-182, NXCK creates music reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s, a period that I believe was groundbreaking in various music genres. The band comprises Nick Bagrow on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Ariel Ditta on Bass, and Graham Abernathy on Drums. This trio promises to captivate you with their vibrant vocal energy, powerful drumming, and melodious basslines, taking you on an unforgettable musical journey.

“Be Mine” is a song that has recently captivated me and can add a refreshing touch to your daily routine with its amazing vibes. I admire how it maintains a strong rock essence with melodic guitar solos while incorporating catchy pop-punk elements that appeal to any listener. The song revolves around the TikTok sensation TaraYummy. Nick Bagrow mentioned that he often writes songs about falling in love with a girl who is a “fan” or someone unknown, sharing, “I found it interesting to create a song about falling deeply for a girl who is on stage while I’m just an observer. Many love songs focus on the musician being pursued, but not on someone without a public presence.” In my opinion, if NXCK continues with this same energy in their future releases, they are sure to become one of the most iconic punk rock acts soon. Cheers!