Ottawa indie darling Wotts are back with a brand-new single that follows their delicious formula to the word. ‘be kind’ is a sparkling indie pop stunner that dazzles with its glacial synths, searing guitars, and reverb-soaked atmospheres.

 First thing that hits on ‘be kind’ is the supersonic synth lead line that continues with the duo’s trademark of using unconventional synth sound to infuse their tracks with an unusual energy that usually sets them apart from similar indie bands. The first single since their latest 3-song release earlier in June, ‘be kind’ continues to show that Wotts’ knack for creating an immersive indie pop tune is a reliable source of good music. Produced by Jayem, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and one half of Wotts along with bassist and guitarist Ricky 100, the return to the in-house production sees the gradual improvement of Wotts’ sound continuing, with a dancing bassline and punchy drums, mixed to perfection. The lyrics continue to be witty, if the general direction is starting to be more mature and serious in nature. ‘be kind’ is, in the words of the duo, a farewell to the people we never got the chance to get closure with. 

‘be kind’ is a stunning song that might actually stun you. The guitars and plucky synths are indeed very bright, which made me feel a little discomfort after a couple of listens. Nothing to fault the song though, as if you intend to consume the song like a normal person, listening to it once or twice in the middle of your playlist, and not listen to it ten times in a row for analyzation purposes, then ‘be kind’ is a genuinely uplifting song, particularly because of its trebly, cheerful sound, even if the topic discussed is thought provoking.