From the beginning, the music has been in harmony with different rhythms and we have been involved in a lot of stories that tell the journey from different stages and aspects.
In this song, Kaysien tells of healing from a trauma that has occurred to him in the past and how he revealed more about himself when he was in tune with his problems and difficulties.
Kaysien explains to himself how to recover from traumas that cause nothing but anxiety.To its owner and not to accept this so that life continues smoothly and flexiblely he wants it in his life to continue his message
And one of his explorations in this song is that he talked about Zen philosophies, a set of beliefs aimed at raising awareness and facing difficulties in the simplest way.Possible for a better, free life.From the anxiety, intolerance to the things we live in.
We can live every moment freely, smoothly and flexibly if we face our fears and reach our real goal in life, and that’s what Kaysien did through art because it simulates a real reality, but from a personal experience.
And what caught my attention was that he used rhythms and music in this song close to the old Arabic music and also used
Malfof rhythms mixed with subtly thought-out rhythmic breaks to show us a whole message of self-discovery during this artwork


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Karim Ibrahem


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Cozmo Electronic music player, saxophone, and visual effects player He wants to do a lot in the field of music and images, music video He worked in many works related to sound and image and how to mix them together to Create cases And the role of peace, confrontation, and free will comes ANU-PEACE It is a character created by Cozmo to simulate speaking, communication, and understanding through music in a psychological and objective manner, It has dimensions whose existence depends on the listener, as it is a journey that takes you in your mind to wherever you want to go And make you feel (and this depends on you as well) to constantly confront yourself to overcome your fears and know yourself in a realistic and true way through your vision of music to feel at peace He comes to you again to take you on a journey with yourself by yourself for yourself Also, he is a character who likes to do a lot and gets bored of routine things and always likes to renew. You can visit me on audio and video platforms where the journey begins from somewhere there There is nothing in life to fear more than ourselves (and this can do a lot)