With their pounding sound and massive melodies, the LA-based headbangers Edge of Paradise dropped their record Hologram on the 14th of July 2023, and now they’re on a USA/Canada tour alongside power metal heavyweights Dragonforce and Amaranthe. As Edge of Paradise plan for a graphic novel release next February, they dropped the music video of Basilisk where they take their fans on an origin story of the novel’s characters, so let’s dig deeper into Basilisk’s sound.

Edge of Paradise kickstarted Basilisk with hard-hitting heavy riffs and big atmospheric effects, announcing their epic powerful sound from the intro. They lead us into a verse with riffs that are filled with anticipation and a strong expressive vocal melody, building up to a catchy, exploding chorus that boosts the energy sending the listeners off their seats headbanging. The chorus comes blasting with extremely energetic riffs, empowering synth and symphonic, and a driving irresistible vocal melody with perfect delivery that had me singing along from the first listen. Basilisk has a relentlessly dynamic structure with an ever-progressing sound that only moves forward toward a bigger, heavier sound, aided by some amazingly wild guitar work and well-layered and arranged effects that add an extra theatrical layer.

Basilisk is a cleverly structured tune by Edge of Paradise as they kept their energy high and the listeners fully engaged throughout the song’s hooking twists and turns, maintaining their heavy sound and building on it steadily as they push their boundaries further. Recommended for all heavy, powerful music lovers, looking forward to more. Keep on rocking guys, cheers!