Barton Hartshorn, taking his name from the English village, took his early influence from local folk singers, before starting his musical journey as part of the band Dictafone, crafting an album produced by legendary Ken Scott. As a solo artist, Barton made his return to folk with albums like Headquarter Café and I Died Of Boredom & Came Back As Me, the latter inspired by a year spent in Australia. After success in Europe and the USA led to a tour across the states, the artist gathered new material with subsequent projects Not What I Expected To Hope For and Manchester Sun receiving worldwide recognition.

After spending the year so far letting slip elements of the project that enchanted tastemakers in the press, Barton Hartshorn now unveils ‘Everything…’, an EP filled with the latest iteration of the artist’s acclaimed songwriting abilities. Featuring music from the new film ‘UnCancelled’, the project builds music that feels stripped back but is brimming with layers and layers of gorgeous instrumentation to peel back. The acoustic guitar at the root of every melody and rhythm, sliding guitars, harmonicas and organs all appear.

Taking audiences through a self-reflective narrative of growth and confidence, the project leaves room for new finds in every listen, each track a slow burner that steadily reveals its true beauty. The project feels like coming home, feeling something that has been a long time coming, ready to make the most of what comes next. If nothing else, portraying that feeling is the truest testament to Barton Hartshorn’s writing.

Barton explains the project, “I was sitting in a packed cinema in Valencia, Spain, watching a film premiere and my song began to play over the final scene. No one could see me in the dark but I had a huge smile on my face. It was a special moment. The songs on this EP were written to accompany “Everything is better than before” on its first cinema outing…”

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