Although, I loved the music so much, and the rockin’ song structure as well, still, I didn’t enjoy the music video at all. I believe it needed more video editing effects and visualizing to shine it up! Actually, the song discusses a very important issue that every man on earth should be aware of, no, it’s not about the COVID, it’s about global warming and its impact on our planet “it’s a hard-driving metal anthem imagining a post-apocalyptic world where climate change has ravished the earth and the planet is uninhabitable. There’s nowhere left to turn when all we want to do is go home but ‘Nature’s come to pay.'”Tobin Rock explained. If you’re familiar with the fabulous Italian alternative metal act Perpetual Fate then you would recognize the beautiful voice of Maria Grazia Zancopé, in my opinion, it was a great additive for the track really. And I’d finalize my review with Tobin’s words “This song was borne with the desire to paint a world where we could live if we don’t take care of our planet.  Artem Efimov’s heavy guitar riffs and a “Muse”-influenced bass by Stryfer relentlessly drive the song home to the last note.” Feel the rockin’ vibes below and mark your calendar for his upcoming album this November!

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Mena Ezzat