The Canadian alternative group TARBOX shares their latest single ‘White Lie’ from their forthcoming new album. The band clarified “the album offers a wide range of intensity and dynamics with a heavy and emotional meaning behind it,” and I believe they were capable to deliver this perfectly. ‘White Lie’ is all about the original characteristics of the energetic rock vibes. Also, I recommend you watch the music video because it has a lot of ’90s classy alternative movements as well, especially that the filming technique is kinda similar in which I loved this way. In general, I have no negative feedback about the music, it was really incredibly amazing, but I may have just one technical comment about the lead guitar because I believe it needed to be clearer and louder. Feel the great music through their socials below!

TARBOX on Facebook, InstagramYouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

The American hard rock band Artifas has been acclaimed by critics and fans several times. As their bio describes the band has been working on their next album which almost two years now. ‘Cut Me Out’ is the band’s latest single and I highly doubt that you won’t like such impressive hard rock/progressive vibes! Definitely, there are several great elements in this song but I believe what will catch your ears more is the great mix between hard rock and metal which proves the high-quality output with marvellous inspirations. Also, you will notice the powerful vocals, but my favourite here would be the lead guitar harmonic and melodic atmosphere. If you are struggling to find good rock/metal sounds lately, then Artifas is your shelter! Enjoy through their socials below! 

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Vansidian is a Finnish heavy metal band founded by Mattmagic and Jyri Niinikoski in 2017. You can easily be amazed by their music especially their lines are floating on melodies, harmonies, and tight rhythm. Although, the loved the vocal range over here, still, my favourite parts would go for the impressive lead guitars and such inane soloing! Actually, the song for me was repeated several times and I enjoyed how it was so smooth. Finally, I would give a big Chapo for these dudes, feel the vibes through their socials below and try to control your head from banging! 

Vansidian on Facebook, InstagramYouTubeSpotify, and Bandcamp.


Mena Ezzat


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