I am gonna discuss today three tracks from their self-titled debut album, and they are ‘Distressed,’ ‘Reframe!,’ and ‘Daylight’s Fading’ which the three of them proves the band’s variety and creativity. ‘A dive into the paradoxical psychology of the human mind. A dark but an easy listening tracks.’ this is how the band describe their ‘Distressed’ which is really true, the theme of the lyrics is easy to get, but my favourite part indeed is after 2 minutes while you listen to the track, you will find an amazing solo and the bridge is just impressive.

‘Reframe!’ takes a heavier direction starts with a melodic catchy intro that easily sticks in your head and makes you curious to hear more. Even I like the vocal style here more especially with the clean guitars. When you go to the song mid, it gets very interesting, surprisingly, it reminds me of Savatage’s heavy songs combined with powerful choir vocals leads to a solo that not just play some notes but it is actually talking to you!

Well, ‘Daylight’s Fading’ it’s like you’re listening to an epic progressive tune mixed with alternative atmosphere. Although I believe that the sound mix should level up the vocals a bit, still it’s breathtaking! Since we don’t get used to listening to long tracks these days, as you know, it’s a quick social media era, but the variations they did take you in a journey of stunning harmonies and melodies. These guys are masters when they need to shift the tempo of the track. I don’t know but the bridge reminded me of Guns N’ Roses golden era (the late 80s/early 90s), the clean guitars, pure hard rock soloing, and emotive soloing! In my opinion, Daylight’s Fading is my favourite Norwegian rock track in 2020 so far.

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