National Security is a two-piece rock duo who recently released their new album ‘Biomimicry‘ lately, and their main goal is to spread awareness and understanding of the world today through rock music. Today, I am going to focus on two songs, ‘Tower of Eden’ and ‘Highway One.’ Let’s find out more below.

‘Tower of Eden’ is a the leading-track of the album. The song presents pure elements of the indie style, it combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of rock beats. As I said previously the song to me is very nice, but my problem is kina technical with the track, I noticed the mixing of the chorus part isn’t clear enough. Sounds are clashing, I believe this is a levelling issue, not sure.

I like the band’s variety indeed. ‘Highway One’ is more upbeat riffs with powerful vocals, also, the drums and bass here are pretty alive! You will feel that every note feels in the right place even if, at first, clashing sounds can tell you otherwise. These guys aren’t concerned with their music-only but also the theme as well: “Our new album, “Biomimicry” takes a hard look at the current state of human evolution. You can see it unfold right before your eyes. You can vividly remember the sights, sounds, tastes, and memories of our collective past” – the band explained.