Honoring the old-school rock legends, Eddie & The Wolves are here to prove that rock n roll will never die on their latest single Bad Touch. Their unmistakable rocking sound says a lot about their influences, and their energy and personality fill every note, immediately throwing you off your seat. Let me tell you more about it.

With a big sound, heavy riffs, and lots of grooves, Eddie & The Wolves brings back blues rock to life on Bad Touch. The amount of chemistry and harmony among them is incredible, it shows clearly in the song’s energy and solid dynamics. The guitar work is insane, that sharp tone laying those bluesy riffs and shredding solos took control over the song’s uplifting dynamic structure. The vocal melodies and their delivery were right on spot, pushing the song’s energy forward with catchy melodies and the electric chemistry between lead vocals Char & Eddie. Bad Touch‘s focus on heaviness didn’t miss the groove, it has an amazing groove led by a very interesting bass line and insanely good drumming. 

Bad Touch is an instant rock classic, with its larger-than-life sound, powerful guitar riffs, and pure rock n roll vocals. It has a tight structure solidified by Eddie & The Wolves’ solid playing and good writing skills, they managed to keep it moving forward in an upward progression without losing its intensity. This will surely drive people crazy when played live, looking forward to more, cheers!