The song has a melancholic atmosphere that makes one feel compassion for the victims who get deceived by the charismatic, seductive character and handsome looks of the bad guy. Nonetheless, one feels sorry for his empty soul that is seeking validation and is desperate to be wanted, “He’ll take all your dreams from you, just to make himself feel good,” as the single says. As if he wanted to be seen in the perfect picture, he was drawing for himself in his mind. Regardless of the fact that he is just a despicable man with bad manners.

It’s a superb indie piece with mysterious, dark vibes, with the instruments adding darker feelings to it. The serene guitar chords, soft synth, vital bass line, and the delicate yet upbeat drum beats are all well-composed to compliment Inês Rebelo’s restful, siren vocals with a sarcastic narrating tone and Chris Rice’s warm vocals backing her up. All the elements work together to reflect the story, as if it’s a cinematic scene with the well-dressed, good-smelling man with an attractive attitude getting ready to hunt down his prey.

The stereotype of the bad guy, as well as his tricks and tactics, are exposed in “Bad Guy,” with its thrilling style that will linger in your head for a long time.


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Viola Karmy