Chris Underhill

After their very first written track “Bad Dreams” didn’t make it to their second EP “Failures Vol: 2”, the punk rock trio My Latest Failure decided to revisit it with Ross Walker

Productions in the summer of 2021 and as they loved the outcome, they decided to release it on the 9th of September, 2022. With heavy lyrics about a nightmare of a man standing on the edge with no way out but down and a heavy big sound portraying this vision, My Latest Failure will force you to join their following, Let me tell you how!

If you’re looking for something to scream out your lungs within a therapeutic way that talks directly to your soul, “Bad Dreams” by My Latest Failure is your refuge. “Bad Dreams” is a piece of heavy raw relentless riffing with a dark gloomy layer in a mix I’ve never heard before. The angry vocal melody mixed with fuzzy guitars gave the song a lot of emotional and musical weight as it escalates into a screaming sing-along anthem, while the guitar melodies flow smoothly forming a big wall of sound throughout the whole song’s interesting dynamic structure. 

“Bad Dreams” carries a lot of emotions that easily transition into the listener through My Latest Failure’s expressive performance and powerful melodic riffs. Their fuzzy guitar tone made the riffs heavier and gave their fluid melodic structure a bigger and catchier sound, I kept on playing it headbanging for a while even when I’m done taking notes for this review. Looking forward to more from My Latest Failure, recommending “Bad Dreams” to everyone, good luck guys, cheers!