Sarah Longstaff

Cigarillo is a collaboration between Marc Garnett (Brighton, Australia) and Ben White (Brighton, England). Both incredible artists merge various styles together and build up an iconic original sound with great 90s influences. 

Bacon and Eggs is like the smooth indie rock pop tune that you would love to listen to all day long. I love how the singing style is so energetic, especially the music that goes very nicely in each part of the track between chorus and verses. I have checked their previous 4 singles and I felt that I am listening to a band who is a mix of iconic 90s rock acts in just one project. It’s impressive how they merged Australian post-punk and Britpop in one track. Actually, my favorite part is vocals either the lead vocals and the back vocals too. Well done indeed. 

Although the music video was lean to simple production, still, it was a great and catchy output really and suits the idea of the song perfectly. I wasn’t surprised by their output especially that they are working with Pete Maher who implemented mastering for great acts including U2, The Killers, and Pixies. If you’re looking for a cheerful original rock tune, definitely you will bring Bacon and Eggs to your library, stay tuned for their debut album which is coming out on November 18th. Thank you for the music and keep rockin’ guys!