Dino DiMuro released an alternative rock song that is totally fun and quirky called ‘Backbone,’ that tells an unexpected tale on the 24th of November, all the way from Los Angeles, US. Dino is a solo musician and sound designer. He has released CD’s and Cassettes since the mid 80’s, in which he plays on most of them all kinds of instruments except the drums which he recently started to incorporate in his albums. He also reviews for Option magazine, and has been profiled by several publications including Keyboard, alternative press and BAM.  And if you feel like you can’t watch narcos on mute because of how brilliant the sound tracks are, you have Dimuro to thank for the amazing sound design! 

You’re gonna get rock and rollin with this new upbeat song. It has a country-ish vibe to it because of the singing technique and guitar playing, with a 50’s twist. The song tells the story of Dino’s childhood best friend Elmwood who refused to give in during Nazi grade school. A topic that is so unusual, this element elevates the song onto a higher level due to its novelty. The overall sound of the song is happy and mellow. It’s perfect for pubs, live jams and morning radio shows. The musical arrangement is really good, with a soundscape of slow alternative rock. There is a steady acoustic guitar with a soft melody, and a set of prominent  drums and cymbals that lead the beat and shake up the mood. Don’t miss out this song for a nostalgic rock and roll moment