Lost Like Lions was born in Spring 2014 when Derrik Schiersing (Vocals/Guitar) started writing and recording their debut ep “The Way of the World”, shortly after that Jamie Bigaj (Guitar/Backing Vocals) was added to the lineup and they played a couple of shows before going into hiatus.

Summer of 2018 Lost Like Lions came back stronger after adding Jim Kaczmarski (Drums) and the alternative rock trio released their ep “Navigate”, their upcoming ep “Fear of Letting Go” will be out in Spring 2022 and we’ll now dig deep into “Back to Life”, the first single off it.

“Back to life” starts with a beautiful mellow guitar melody that perfectly fits the vocal melody, it slowly builds up to a heavier, straight to the point pure alternative chorus that’ll easily stick to your head. I believe it was a smart move to choose “Back to Life” as their 1st single off their upcoming ep, it’s a straight to the point, feel good and radio friendly tune that gives you an idea about the ep’s sound without showing everything they’ve got up their sleeves.
“Back to Life” is the cool breeze you need through these dark days; it’ll leave you feeling good about the world and waiting for the “Fear of Letting Go” ep to see what Lost Like Lions got to offer.



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