“Babylon Burn” is a complete lyrical case, rich in all the musical elements of Alternative Rovk, in which Iam Nothe excelled himself, starting with the idea and writing it until its audio-visual implementation, to produce an integrated work that everyone who hears it will enjoy.

“No one knows who can save the world.” Babylon may be the source of inspiration for artistic imagination because of its mythical proportions, and Iam Nothe was one of those fascinated by it when the words “Babylon Burn” came out, whose meanings and scenes were inspired by rough comparisons, ending that “We are all in Babylon.”

It seems that the idea of ​​the end of the world is completely in control of Iam Nothe and this is reflected in the song’s video clip. The bloody red color is dominant over the scenes, in addition to, the individual visual effects that overlap with its dark layers and confirm the psychological state expressed by the words.

What about the music in “Babylon Burn”?

The Greek musician Iam Nothe succeeded in attracting all fans of Rock and Alternative music. He worked on creating a strong mix that begins with a perfectly expressive vocal overlap of fear and anxiety, with drum beats that confirm the effect of the constant anxiety that later moves to the opening sentence, and then the singing that continues in a balanced rhythm. He is also holding his breath from anxiety before the guitar notes explode, which are later formed along the track, which ends with a loud and loud burning.

Expressing content with powerful percussion and piercing guitars, “Babylon Burn” creates an epic composition that is emotional and psychological. Iam Nothe is known for his involvement in Greek bands and projects and his contribution to the cultural heritage of Rock music, and now we have the opportunity to follow his creative path.

Edited by:  Viola Karmy