When I experienced The Blaze Velluto Collection’s latest single “Baby” and its music video, I felt like I’ve entered a very cozy family house and got to be a part of that family…you can feel the warmth of pure love.

“Baby” is the second single from The Blaze Velluto Collection’s third LP ‘What’s on Your Mind?’ set for release on September 29th…so let’s get ready to experience this musical warmth by enjoying “Baby” and the experience it graces us with.

The story behind “Baby” is how the couple met…the couple that makes up The Blaze Velluto Collection…

…and as Blaze describes his song “Baby”…

We met twenty years ago in the month of May,” says Blaze. “We had our share of bad weather, but mostly sunshine. Infatuation is a phase, love is not. Here’s an introduction to our story

This is why me, you and everyone who listens to “Baby” will get the same feeling…such a strong feeling of love, connection and life.

Blaze is joined with his partner, Little Miss Roy, who also shares with him a life, a baby…and the vocals for this song.

“Baby” has many influences…the same influences that Blaze, the one who wrote the song, has carried since he was a young kid…he grew up in a musically limitless house…he fused many elements gracefully when writing “Baby” and it sounds just perfect.

With some folk, rock, acoustic and some minimal electronic intervention…the couple really gave the world a very warm experience through their song.

We can’t wait to see what they have set next to be released…but we know that they’ll be releasing their third LP on September 29th…so, we’ll be on the lookout.

Wishing Blaze, Little Miss Roy and their baby all the best in their lives.