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Smooth, unapologetic, and powerful. Lisa Froment has created an anthem to help you come strong from an unhealthy relationship with a cheater.

If you’ve ever been in a relationship when you found that your partner was so full of lies, you’ll relate strongly to “Baby Daddy” by the Canadian artist, Lisa Froment. But this isn’t a tearjerker single; rather, it’s an empowering one to make you realise your worth and give the cheater up with no regrets.

Lisa has a rich, melodic, delicate yet powerful voice, and she uses it effortlessly, crusting it with confidence, merry, and a sarcastic tone. Her voice compels you to pay attention to the story she has to convey with passion and excitement. The Rock and Pop fusion gives the single a tasteful flavor. I loved how the progression depicts the feelings from vulnerable and fragile to strong and unbreakable. The soft guitar strings and steady drumbeat turn into singing loud and clear along with the vocals to deliver the message.

The song’s music and lyrics are co-written by the talented artist and the Juno nominated songwriter, Robert Laidlaw, and they succeed together in crafting a catchy and relatable single.

Well, if you want closure to move on, you can send the cheater, “Baby Daddy,” below, and then block them from your life.