90s pop rock come rushing through the door with Jeff Vidov’s latest, 100% Canadian release, the suspiciously-titled ‘Baby Can You Dig Your Man’. There’s nothing suspicious about the song’s lyrics or music though, just a searing pop ballad with a punchy beat and a ton of energy.

Based in Toronto, Jeff Vidov holds so many titles to count. Composer, pianist, audio engineer, producer, and arranger, the man has done it all, and his dedication to keeping things light, fresh, accessible -and Canadian- is endearing and lends his music a boyish charm. ‘Baby Can You Dig Your Man’ sees Vidov reach in for a collection of exciting musical ideas, blending them together, and presenting us with something fresh. The soaring synth strings, overdriven guitar leads, tonal changes, and general orchestral tendencies all see the song becoming an expansive bit of radio pop with ambitious proportions.

We also recommend checking out the orchestral version of ‘Baby Can You Dig Your Man’, which offers a glimpse into the song’s composition and nuanced ensemble arrangement. ‘Baby Can You Dig Your Man’ is a deceptively intricate listen that will grow on you.