When you combine hard work, perseverance, talent, and determination, you know for a fact that success is inevitable. Snakedoctors, is a four-member band with Wojciech Wypych on guitar, vocals, and keyboards, Jarosław Szybowski on bass, Jacek Karnat on keyboards, and Robert Porażka on drums. They started releasing their music in 2020 and in such a short time they released a long discography, huge fan recognition, and impressive accomplishments. The Polish band worked with renowned producers like Chris Bolster from Abbey Road Studios, Andy “Hippy” Baldwin from Metropolis Studios, and Matt Gerhard, among others. Their songs and albums are played on several radios in different countries worldwide and on 4 continents, with some songs making it to renowned radio charts like the indie radio charts in the UK. 

The band just released a new, shorter, and less intense remix for “B song” which was part of their latest album “Four and a half” released earlier this year.  The song was done by the band’s guitarist and vocalist “Wojciech.” A grunge song with shoe gaze elements, sound effects, and a very distinctive vocal color. Throughout the song, you will catch a melody played by keyboard sound effects that answer back to the vocal line creating a significant theme and ambiance. The song was recorded by the band, mastered by Kevin Paul, and mixed by Joe Gibb. The release is accompanied by a simple black-and-white video that is shot and directed by Ivona. It shows a girl walking down the street in Belgrade with confidence, beautiful energy, and a wide optimistic smile. It’s surely interesting to listen to the original version and the remix to spot the differences and similarities while enjoying the overall ambiance.