Hyper Lion

In this chaotic world, we need a reminder from time to time that everything is going to be fine. “B Ok” by Hyper Lion is a take on hope that is here for you to offer electrifying patting and a warm hug that makes us feel okay whenever we need it.

Hyper Lion is a Los Angeles-based pop producer who creates an earworm electronic-flavored sonic realm that conveys his unique vision and abilities while also serving to deliver the message alongside the lyrical theme and vocal performance. 

“B OK” opens with an upbeat synth intro that instantly gets you grooving and lights up your mood, making the work easy for the rest of the track. The overall feel is peculiar, but it’s the kind of feel-good experimental eccentricity that lures in the misty yet luminous soundscape of Hyper Lion.

“To elevate its purpose beyond mere structural balance, the goal was to create “the song the world needs right now” to reassure the listener that every little thing, musically and generally, will be okay in the end.” Lion said about this track. And that’s what he exactly delivered through the harmony among the bouncy rhythm, gentle, cozy vocal line, and reassuring, hopeful lyrics, giving a shaking yet soothing vibe through both musicality and message.

Fortunately, this is just a taste of what’s to come in the anticipated album, “Koinkidink,” that will be released on December 12th. So keep an eye on the artist’s social media sites.