To cut it short, they are one of the few bands who gonna feel your heart pulse with their music from the first guitar stroke! Imagine powerful vocals, melodic riffs, insane soloing, and tight beats! Also, you can find the diversity that you need in their music, I loved really how they add several strings elements to their music along with different styles, so simply you can find your beloved ’80s pop-rock vibes as well as 2021 hard rockin’ riffs! Actually, Kimmii Heart distinguished voice pour a wide range that reminds me of the 80s vibes of Bon Jovi. I would literally say that she is the best female melodic pop-rock vocals that I have ever listened to. The twelve tracks album delivers a great diversity of all styles indeed, and this is what makes their music unique, so if you’re a classic rock fan or a modern rock fan, then I’d highly recommend ‘Awaken,’ and I dare you to find a single negative point! ‘Awaken‘ and Reality Suite‘s music in general pour originalty with every single riff. Check it out below and don’t miss their latest single ‘Triggershere.  

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Mena Ezzat