Ali Nooriafsher, a Bondi, Australia-based psych-rock/electronic singer and producer, introduces us to his album’s opening single “Awaken” with his captivating voice and grungey tunes. One word to describe the beginning: magical! The vocals are gentle and mesmerising, matching with the lyrics to blow your bubble of fears, face how you’re truth-blinded, encourage mind awakening, and believe that “The world is yours if you allow.”

The skilled musician knows how to blend electro pop, indie rock, and chilly psychedelic vibes into his work. He has a distinct style that draws you in. The single encourages you to “See the light,” but it has a gloomy, dark atmosphere. The bass from intro to outro is flawless, and the energetic electronic arpeggios combined with the dynamic guitar riffs make for the ultimate musical craft!

I can’t overlook the fact that his clever lyrical choices allow everyone to relate to the song in their own way while still understanding the core message. “Bring to light the things that are hidden, let it go, all will pass.” A line like this can be applied to a variety of situations in life. Awaken now and listen to the track below:

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