After releasing the debut EP “Autonomy: Part One” on March 5th, 2021, the alternative rock duo consisting of Rory Robinson (Vocals, Synth, Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums), and Michael Dalton (Backup vocals, Synth, Piano, Guitars, Bass), released the debut EP “Autonomy: Part Two” later that year on December 24th, 2021. which include six tracks to deliver more of their philosophy of autonomy.


The track “Disobey” has a revolutionary feel in its liberating lyrics, energetic electro music, and powerful, hypnotic vocals. It leaves you with the feeling that you want to break free from whatever is holding you hostage. Like a time bomb, “Handle with care,” has a profound impact on soul with its rock vibes and the intense sensations it evokes in the face of overbearing parents, partners, and societies. In “Hero’s Return,” Robinson adds a new layer of his spectacular vocals to heartfelt lyrics that encapsulate most of us at some point in our lives. The 80’s artist, “Bonnie Tyler,” wondered once, “Where’s the streetwise Hercules, to fight the rising odds?” And here we are wondering again with “Guerilla State” in “Graffiti on the Wall”: “Can you tell me where all the brave men have gone?” features fast-tempo punk rock rhythms and lyrics stating that the truth is always found in street graffiti. “Hive Mind” is another strong message fold with great melodies, this time concentrating on what technology is doing in our lives and how those in charge of it have the capacity to control us. With passionate vocals, strong guitar riffs, skilled drumbeats, and the vibes of 80’s and 90’s rock, “Night In The Wild” demonstrates their philosophy of autonomy, culminating in an impressive instrumental ending that generates peaceful feelings in the soul, as if you successfully ran away from all the chaos.

You’ll find yourself relating to “Guerilla State” music regardless of where you came from, how old you are, what gender you are, what religion you follow, or any other classification.

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