Mina B.

Mina is passionate about journalism, storytelling, narration, writing, dancing, cinema, music, theatre, arts and philosophy. She grew up listening to her mother singing all genres of music, from opera to oriental music or Edith Piaf. She's a former journalist who used to produce long documentary movies, create political talk shows or simply reporting from the field. She has worked as a Project Officer for a renown International Organisation operating in the Education, Society, Arts sector. Although she doesn't have her mother's talent in singing, she started to take violin music lessons as she has some unfulfilled dreams to chase such as succeeding to repaint " Van Gogh - Starry Night ", writing and publishing a novel, playing in a movie, going back to her Medieval Fencing classes and starting her jewellery line and of course going back to her biggest passion "journalism" either through a documentary or as a field reporter like in the old days. Having the opportunity to collaborate with Rock Era Magazine is one of the loveliest secrets in her life now and that's why her Identity is kept hidden in a way for the moment.

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