Artist Urban Walrus from Switzerland comes out with new pop rock release “August Rain” on the the 20th of August.

Urban Walrus is a relatively new band formed in January of 2021 by Fabian Koerber, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with three singles now released on the band’s Spotify page, and a couple more on SoundCloud. 


The song August Rain, written and performed by Fabian Koerber takes inspiration from classic rock, and perhaps the title itself is a reference to another well known song by a very famous classic rock band. The guitars are mellow, the drums are slow but punchy, and the bass lays down a groovy, essentialist line to tie them together. 

Guitars begin to crunch up with distortion and rock organs come in just before the chorus, getting you ready for the full blown smooth distortion riffs and emotional vocal performance with a catchy melody in one hell of a throwback chorus!

The piano in the chorus adds a magnificent layer of tasteful emotion in the chorus, followed by a post chorus that almost explodes with energy, which ends on calm release for all the tension it builds up into a guitar solo.

The second verse is just like the first verse, except bigger and better, with more layers, new instruments, and more energy! Incredible work and attention to detail really went into the arrangement of this track.

Urban Walrus may call themselves “probably the most boring band in the world,” due to their low profile when it comes to their social media presence, but I honestly think that they have quite an interesting project going on here, and it’s definitely worth encouraging them to be a little more proactive on social media, because this is music that deserves to be heard.