Okay, let’s say you’re having a harsh discussion with yourself aiming to librate you from various complications “Atone is an inner dialogue with one’s self, liberating one’s struggles and complications to a mindset more gratifying, and free.” – Metarust explained. Frankly, I am really amazed by the music structure it’s very tight and harmonic. I was keen to mention earlier that they’re experienced musicians because this can be seen throughout their melody, riffs, and output. Atone delivers a unique sound indeed that is obvious to be inspired by several music styles “We really wanted to excitement with different elements from jazz to lo-fi as well as our alternative influences and make a blend which may not usually be associated with metal music. We always look to expand and find new methods of conveying the excitement and a story with a variety of styled hooks, melodies and rhythm as we can as we are influenced by many different artists and genres.” – they clarified more about Atone’s music style. Actually, I am really amazed by the lead vocals and all the layering back-vocal lines as well. I should also tell you that one of the major success points of this track is the mixing and mastering roles. They made it shine indeed. Well done, guys! Waiting for your next!

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Mena Ezzat


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