With a number of solo records, several collaborations, and live performances up his sleeve, songwriter Mark Newman is back with his new single At The Borders released on the 2nd of December, 2022. Originally written in solitude with the Ukrainian war refugees, Newman sends a global message in support of people suffering from oppression and hunger with this heartfelt emotional piece. Let me tell you more about it.

Mark Newman’s warm guitar tone sent shivers down my spine right from At The Border’s intro, its open inviting sound is captivating, instantly hooking you and making you pay 100%  attention to his words and melodies. Newman’s expressive emotional vocals mixed with those soothing acoustic chords have a mellow effect that makes the listener takes a step back, and REALLY listen to what he’s saying. At The Border has a smooth structure with a lovely groove, its fluid melodies, bluesy guitar solos, and engaging harmonies all together puts you in an engaging mood, making the listener feels like he/she is a part of the song creating a unique bond that instantly gets it into your “favorites” playlist. Mark Newman‘s seasoned writing skills appear clearly in At The Border, especially in the way he skillfully steered the song’s dynamics, making every instrument contribution counts, all in a solid structure and unbreakable unified mood.

At The Border shows Mark Newman’s sense of melody and mood, the way he crafted such a mellow tune maintaining its lovely streaming sound that flows softly and gently into your ears and then directly into your soul, totally recommended to any music lover! Looking forward to more from Mark Newman, cheers!