The song kicks off with a catchy piano line with smoothy guitar licking and then Marshall’s voice kicks in with his powerful vocals style. Oakman is a high prolific New York-based performing singer-songwriter who released his latest single At The Boiling Point which he was very keen to choose the best iconic New York musicians Kasim Sultan on Bass, Liberty Devitto on Drums, and Paul Pesco on Guitar. Although the song classified as a blues hit style I can see impressive pop/rock elements to his music, which is really what makes his music so unique indeed. Well, since someone started his music passion at the age of six, it’s easy to find his professional and stunning talent capabilities. Also, I should mention that many singers-songwriters these days make sure to choose iconic musicians to be featured in their track, but this isn’t the case here because we already to about an ALL SUPER BLUES GROUP!

Marshall Oakman on Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Spotify.


Mena Ezzat


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