Andrew Caffrey

Driven by his constant search for new sounds and directions, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Kyle Merritts dropped his latest self-produced, mixed, and recorded groovy psychedelic single “At First Sight” under his project’s name Colorfuzz. Since the release of his debut record in 2021, Colorfuzz has matured and worked more on his sound while discovering new areas where he can mix his love of synth and bass with all his influences and I believe “At First Sight” is the perfect example, let me tell you why

“At First Sight” kickstarts with an overwhelmingly atmospheric guitar and synth that blends creating a soundscape that makes you feel they’re all around you. The way it was built around that deep groovy bass-oriented melody is fascinating, it worked as a solid spine that took good care of the song’s groove while the synth and guitars worked around adding a psychedelic dark layer with some stoner vibes. What’s even more interesting is “At First Sight” structure’s fluidity, Colorfuzz managed to create a perfectly harmonized blend that made the song’s melodies and movements flow smoothly with seamless transitions in an entertaining dynamic structure. 

“At First Sight” is a sound trip guided by Colorfuzz in a groovy psychedelic world that he created all by himself. It is a well-written, produced, and mixed piece with a unique direction and promising vision. Keep on rocking ColorFuzz, will be looking forward to more, cheers!