It’s been quite some time that I have seen such diversity. I am really speechless by the abilities and talent of the songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon Ingram. Also, he is the mastermind behind the incredible project Subcon, which I am so pleased to talk about today.

In the past two years, he had released two successful EPs and it was actually like a warm-up for what’s coming next which this year an inspirational album ‘Suburban Gutterpunk‘ that merges several styles and decades as well. No matter your favorite style is rap, hip-hop, punk, alternative, or even metal, you will definitely find what you desire in his tracks, and what really impressed me is his singing style diversity, a swicth from rap to metal singing styles so easily and professionally. The whole album is really amazing but the two tracks that I enjoyed the most are ‘Cyanide,’ and ‘Destination Desolation’ still the whole album is very nice indeed. Check it out below and feel the stunning vibes!

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