Ludlow is an indie-pop/folk band from Chicago, Illinois. Taking influences from songwriters like Gregory Alan Isakov, Conor Oberst, Benjamin Gibbard and others. We had the chance to feature the band in different to playlists before (The Latest Country Tunes! and Back to the Roots!). Today we gonna discuss their latest two tracks ‘After Dark’ and ‘Oumuamua.’ Let’s find out below!

The band stated that “Oumuamua” is their favourite song. Actually, while listening to it I felt there is like an ocean of harmonies and melodies and I am just swimming among the notes. Although the music is pretty simple the tightness of vocals and music is pretty amazing, especially the backing vocals are giving a great atmosphere for the song indeed. I recommend you focus while listening to its middle, it’s rare to find such originally these days. “it was inspired by and named after the first interstellar object discovered in our solar system. Astronomers detected the object when it was millions of miles away and already leaving the galaxy. It brings to mind what could have been had the timing worked out better, as with a lost love or loved one, and the way we attempt to make peace with questions we’ll never be able to answer.” – Mark from Ludlow

‘After Dark’ is a totally different direction. The song is the sixth and final leading up to Ludlow’s sophomore album due on October 22nd. “tells that story of being lost in the darkness, as if after dusk, acknowledging that the enlightenment comes after the darkness is over – after dark, so to speak.”Ludlow explained. What I really like in this song is the strings with simple chords and although the vocals are very strong its harmony with the music is unbelievable. Frankly, it’s one of my favourite acoustic pop ballads in 2020.

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