‘Rain’ takes a calming path indeed. The acoustic rhythm combined with well-chosen elements to complete the complete folk picture. When you listen to it the chorus will catch your ears with its melodic rhymes for sure.

Aren’t we all lost a beloved one? Pain and memories are what is left when someone passes away. ‘The Grave’ is about a tragic death and funeral of Vogel’s best friend Kyra who died tragically in a car crash. She shows her grief and how ” the deep pain that accompanies tragic loss.” – Vogel explained. This is actually, one of my favourites for her, as I mentioned earlier, we all have been in such a situation someday.

Sometimes we don’t find what to say that’s why we use another method to express what we feel. ‘Glad It’s You’ is Vogel’s letter to her ex’s new girlfriend/wife. The song chorus is very catchy, she is trying to deliver a specific through her song “Everyone deserves to find love and happiness.”

Finally, when you listen to new music what do you want more than harmony, melody, and catchy tune? In my opinion, Kate Vogel will be one of the most influential folk artists of all time.


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