Recently, the American singer-songwriter Jeremy Gorman released his debut album ‘… Another Day‘ on October 33rd, today, I will discuss with you two singles from the album ‘Kings Get Broken,’ and Another Day.’ Let’s find out more below.

Mainly, while you’re listening to Jeremy’s music you can feel the spirit of the golden sound of the classic rock era blended with modern alternative/indie flavour. Gorman wrote the whole album during the first six month of the pandemic the lockdown due to the 2020 pandemic. “it reflects the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety many of us have been experiencing, but also speaks to the need for resilience and hope.” – Gorman explained. The combines stunning, emotive vocals with all the best of classic, pop-rock for a chill and charming listen. Check it out and let me know what you think!

‘Kings Get Broken’ is my favourite here indeed. Although Another Day (track) is a very original one, this song has a great vocal style and in my opinion, a perfect guitar tone. I felt while listening to it that I am listening to Clapton iconic hits.  You can find yourself that every note feels in the right place. Originality pours out of every note yet the classic rock tone like Eric Clapton come across as evident at moments. Ah! I forgot to mention that the song topic is so touching as well: “a very personal story about the death of a long-time friend with a difficult history. A man with a good heart, but his downfall brought chaos and confusion to the one’s he loved.” – Gorman clarified. There is not a second that will not be enjoyed after listening to this track. And don’t forget to check the whole album on several streaming platforms which mention all below.