Recently, the talented Canadian composer/songwriter Jeff Sanna released his debut EP, At Winter’s End. Today, I’ll focus on two tracks of his EP ‘Cold’ and the self-titled EP track ‘At Winter’s End’ which both tracks feature Chris Clancy.

After three years of hard work and dedication at his home studio in Ontario, Sanna released his debut EP “At Winter’s End,” which is a record that witnessed several talented collaborations and features including Jon Howard (Threat Signal/ Imonolith), Chris Clancy (Mutiny Within), Tim MacMillar (Protest the Hero), Mike LePond (Symphony X), Alex Baillie (Cognizance), Kieran Johnston (Perpetua), and Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall). 

Okay, let’s start with the debut EP title track ‘At Winter’s End,’ the melody of the track is pretty amazing indeed. Sanna was very keen about the chosen elements including heavy riffs, lyrics, the orchestral atmosphere combined with powerful vocals indeed. The lead lines are pretty amazing here introduces an insane pure soloing indeed. Although, the track is kinda long for what I listen to these days but still tight, harmonic, and impressive melody! “Each song represents a tireless amount of work, and would not have been completed if not for the effort put forth by all those involved” – Sanna explains.

And again, with the phenomenal skilled producer Chris Clancy featured in another track ‘Cold,’ which is a song all about energetic riffs and exceptional melodies. The arrangement here is still insane as you find it in ‘At Winter’s End,’ the song takes a heavier with brutal vocals path but still tight acoustic bridge heading to one of my favourite 2020 metal solos undoubtedly.

The EP features many talented guest stars including The songs were mixed and mastered in the winter of 2019 by Chris Clancy at his studio “Audioworks Productions