When you listen to haha charade, the first thing that hits your mind that it’s another American rock group but when you dig deeper into their music you can find the variety of each song which include varied influences like indie, alternative, funk, reggae, psychedelic and even pop! I believe you have many questions now rolling in your mind, let’s me explain more…

I got the chance to listen to the band and featured them in two different playlists “The Classy Pop Never Dies!” and “Don’t Miss The Alternatives!,” as you can see here the playlists are targeting a different style, although, the band proved their capability of variations in each song.

Today, I will focus on two of their track and they are ‘Big Plans’ and ‘Kill Your Idols.’ Well, for Big Plans it started with a smooth guitar line and leading to emotive harmonic vocals but my favourite part is the powerful chorus and then you get back to their smooth melodic journey in a very unique way. Listen to it below and let me know what do you think.

Remember when I was talking about their capability of music variations? Well, you can find what I am talking about when you listen to ‘Kill Your Idols’ the song starts with the fast vocal line combined with melodic guitar line over an epigenetic beat, and you can feel all the vibes when you listen to the song chorus. For these guys, a song structure isn’t just intro, verse and chorus… it’s a philosophy…and I believe this is what makes them original. You can KILL YOUR IDOLS below! Enjoy! 😉

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