The Electric Flea Show offers us a piece of art: a 10-track album called ‘Art Club of Paintings’.

The artist behind The Electric Flea Show is an unidentified one-person band who, in the spirit of Banksy, perhaps, keeps the mystery on so that maybe we get to experience his music the way he means to express himself through his work.

An acoustic album mixed here and there with the artist’s voice. It is unspeakably perfect in terms of expression, creative ability in music production, the ability to story tell and transcend many boundaries into a psychedelic, genderless journey.

That makes “Art Club of Paintings” a unique piece of art that makes you feel like this is your story. So very sensitive, the vocals and lyrics altogether transmit calmness because of his sense of honesty.

“The Electric Flea Show” has a meditative view of the world about never losing hope. Through the vocals, some piano,  guitar, drums, “Art Club of Paintings” has a particular sound character on the ear.

The album tells about the singer’s journey in soul search and knowledge of the world more through himself and through events that pass. It’s on him, and it’s in the music. It’s extraordinary, very expressive, and honest.

On the journey of finding yourself, you’re going to lose a lot, you’re going to get hurt, and you can lose hope sometimes, but that makes you stronger every day because you will discover new aspects about yourself and life.

Edited by: Mercedes Thomas

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