The album contains 7 tracks and all of them carry the same idea of lyrics which is The Ancient Egyptian Mythology. The Tracklist is:

1. ‘Em Heset Net Anubis’
2. ‘Endless Aunslaught’
3. ‘Horus and Ares (Bless This War)’
4. ‘Mellenium Tombstone’
5. ‘Resurrection of Apep’
6. ‘The Saurian Necromancy’
7. ‘Walk Through the Black Fog’

The first track was an intro of the album. It carries some atmospheric/symphonic/ epic touches. I liked the usage of the violin and the cello with the clean vocals. The second track, ‘Endless Aunslaught’, was full of epic/symphonic touches mixed with the traditional black metal music style. ‘Horus and Ares’ carries a wonderful folk intro. My favorite part started from 2:02. There is a variety between the vocals, the spoken part with some symphonic/Egyptian touches, with a very good solo. ‘Millennium Tombstone’ had a folk intro. I liked the interludes of spoken parts that started from 2:10. ‘Resurrection of Apep’ was the most melodic track through the album. It was full of hatred. ‘The Saurian Necromancy’ was my favorite track. I felt that it carries the ancient Egyptian sounds and riffs. I liked how it reflected the glory and pride of the ancient kings. It had a killing solo and the guitars sounded that they were competing againist each other.

‘Walk Through the Black Fog’ was one of the fastest tracks through the album. It had the same style of the companion between folk/epic/symphonic touches with the speed darkened black metal music. It had something like narrating a story within the guitar tunes, spoken part, solo, and clear bass lines.

In conclusion, the band managed in their music and mixing to really reflect the ancient Egyptian mythology with the symphonic/epic/folk touches. The solos and the vocals were really attractive. The album deserves a solid 8 out of 10.

Written by: Rana Atef
Edited by: Amira Alkholy


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