Initially formed in 2020, Manchester four-piece Arkayla has risen through the ranks with a unique sound, their presence echoing the electrifying nature of true talent in songwriting. Influenced by eclectic taste, the group only made their single debut in 2023, ‘Calling Time’ making its way to the number two slot on iTunes’ alternative charts and added to the Old Trafford match-day playlist. This initial acclaim saw the single garner further support from BBC Radio 6 and helped them secure a performance at Y Not festival.

The first track in the run towards a dynamic debut EP, Arkayla have now unveiled their second single, which, though released over a year since their initial soirée showcases an evolution and refinement to their energy, with none of the buzz lost. ‘Falling Down’, is brimming with pieces of their influences, the singing of distorted guitar melodies, the mass of noise and reverberance in the harmony and the constant high-octane drums, can all be traced back to icons.

That’s not to say the music isn’t beautifully unique, Arkayla builds on their tastes, resulting in a unique sparkle to the sound that feels deeply passionate and authentic. Electric from start to finish, the flare for the EP has been sent sky-high, no doubt causing a stir of anticipation.

Cal Blakebrough, lead vocalist, adds, “Falling Down is my favourite track on the EP, it sounds like The Strokes meets The Smiths, which I think is a great combo.” Arkayla’s demos also caught the attention of Rich Turvey, who would go on to record and produce their forthcoming EP at Kempston Street Studios. “Turvey is the first producer who has been able to truly capture the essence of ARKAYLA, distilled down to it’s purest, natural form,” lead guitarist Finley Rubens affirms, “he could always tell when we were veering off the path and would always be there to gently shove us back towards the goal”.

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